Ombré Powder Training


Option 1: 2 Days Training "2 Students only" Tuition Fee: $2400 per student ( with live Model and machine+kits )

Option 2:  3Days Private Training 1:1 Tuition Fee: $4000 ( 2 lives model/1 demo done by Lily, ) NEW!JUST ADDED OPTION

💥 Here what included in the class: • flexible dates ( can be requested) •Machine & kits • Certification •Step by step procedures •Brows Mapping •Machine Handling, Pressure & Depth •My personal color formula • Photo Editing ( Can record my demo on photo editing process from start to finish• Color Theory & Correction • Proper Client Consultation • 2 Live Model For Student ( 1 live demo by me ) • Supplies List • How To Acquire LV Body Art Card • On going Support • 3 shadowing days on real and so much more.

Option 3: 2 Days Private Training 1:1 Tuition Fee: 3000( with live Model and machine+kits )

Option 4: 1 day Advance 1:1 Tuition Fee $1900 ( with live Model and machine+kits )

Option 5: 1 day Advance 1:1 Tuition Fee: $1500 ( no model and small kits, bring own machine )

  • Life time support through text or email, 1 Day Shadowing me working on real clients, must schedule accordingly .


Date: If you would like to request a specific date, please let me know.


Location:  S Grand Canyon Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89147


Hotel: You can stay at the hotel on the strip, it’s about 15-20mins away.


Time: 10am- 5pm for both dates ( might finish later on second day of training)


There is a $300 non-refundable deposit must be made through SQURE, VENMO. CASH ONLY FOR REMAINING BALANCE DUE ON FIRST DAY OF TRAINING.


Our manual booklet will contain consent forms and after care sheet that you can use for future clients and resources of carriers that you can contact to order the supplies needed for your business.




Hand on training with a live model on day 2 ( you will be working on live model under Lily supervision.)

Proper Machine Handing & Needles Depth & Pressure

Tray Set up & Sanitation

Supply Lists

My Personal Pigment Formula

Consent Forms & After Care sheets

Proper Client Consultation

Brow Mapping & Shaping

Color Theory (understanding pigments and getting the best healed results)

Color Correction (correcting red blue purple brows)

Old Microblade Brows Correction ( how transitioning microbladed brows into Ombre brows and ways to correct the front of microbladed brows for a softer appearance.)

Camouflaging (concealing flaws around the brows)

Machine handling and how to work the needle in correct depth on skin

How to acquire proper permits/licensing ( for Las Vegas Location)

Marketing Tips & Tricks

Photos editing Apps & Tricks for caption beautiful photos


1 day shadowing with Lily on real client


BIG SIZE KITS ( full size pigment, only need to restock needles)


Kits include:


1 Surprised Gift

1 Machine (wireless machine)

10 Needles

2 Pigments

Manual book ( all the info you need to take home)

1 Digital brows caliper

5 Brows ruler

2 Brows pencil

1 Brows thread

1 Concealer

1 Brows brush

20 Micro brushes 

20 Micro swabs 

2 Latex skin

1 Brows latex band

1 Pencil

1 Ruler

20 Ink cups


This kit will have everything you need to work on clients enough to make $$ back in revenue. You will only need to restock needles & pigments.






-Yourself  ( We help finding a model for you.)

-An open mind to want to learn this amazing money making skill

-CASH for remaining balance of payment


Please check your county health department for all tattooing license requirements.


We take pride in our work, we want you to learn everything you need to be successful in this business. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO SECRET IN THIS TRAINING!!